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You can have a good event, but at Savida, we make really great events. We make sure the experience starts before the event even begins by providing clear details on the venue, timing and the agenda. Have your attendees excited even before they attend – much like I would imagine going to the Grammys. To see how we prepare, plan, research and use our wonderful event planning techniques to fulfil your dream event, send us your ideal function details.

Corporate event

We create an experience that your audience will never forget. If you are trying to win over a business deal, convincing your investors, keeping a business meeting, a conference, we are the ones that make things happen.
Savida will ensure your events capture the interest and attention of your audience, while creating and delivering the right atmosphere in a meaningful and engaging way; which will reflect on the values and visions of your requirements. You can only dream it; we make it happen.

Weddings Events

We can offer a full design and wedding planning solution, with emphasis on personalising your idea every step of the way. Whatever your budget, dress, style, cake, catering or entertainment requirements, we can make it happen.
We will work to fit your needs, budget and schedule – when managing your bespoke wedding. We will always be honest and clear about the costs of any elements while also coming up with solutions or different ideas to make your dream wedding come through.


Every anniversary is a milestone and deserves celebrating. This can be arranged in many different ways. People around the globe find that doing something special on their anniversary is one way to reaffirm their love for each other or to show appreciation for something. We can arrange for you to share that day with family members or friends pack your favourite things to eat, a couple bottles of champagne, and some great entertainment. Yes, we can fulfil any idea you may have for your anniversary.

Festivals & Road Show

Roadshows are an effective sales and marketing tool that organisations utilise in their growth strategy. Whatever the interest of your organisation – an investment project, you’re looking to understand the market, gauge interest, collect enquiries or establish contacts; road shows are a safe way to go. Roadshows, if organised well, are a fast, flexible and a cost-effective way of generating new business; and we’d like to stress on the ‘organised well’ part.

Savida Ticketed Events

Each year we have several of our own events that are held throughout the globe. You can view and buy tickets from this site to our ticket only events. Our DJs are all handpicked with a couple of years’ experience to entertain you. Our headline acts are some of the world’s leading artists with several number one hits and thousands of social media followers. The venues we use are all surveyed and checked for weaknesses and improved upon to provide you with the safest and best environment possible. (See tickets on sale)

Savida Event Management

We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every event we take on or keep.
Our event directors, managers, and team leaders know that nothing is fixed when it comes to events. Things can change at the drop of a hat, and to be successful, our staffs know how to steer things in the right direction. Our staffs are flexible, unflappable and quick-thinking. We are always ready to face any sort of situation to provide you with the best event management solution there is. Our events are locally-based design, for the people who support us the most. They are safe, well planned and reasonably priced. They are diverse, entertaining and sometimes bring celebrities from all over the world dropping in, with much surprise to our fans. So, if you have a venue near you and want us to keep an event there, why not drop us the venue details or let us know about an event that you want us to manage.
Our Hospitality Services 1
Whatever your event and however big or small, we can provide top-quality event managers and team leaders who’ll deliver your event on
time, on-brand and without a hitch – and they’ll do it all with a positive we Can attitude. We’d love to chat to you about providing staff for your
next event, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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