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We provide cleaning services that keep your homes and businesses safe, hygienic and comfortable. Our standards indicate a great deal about our values, our company and the clients we serve.

Office Cleaning

Savida provides office cleaning services to a wide variety of clients, schools, head offices, home offices, warehouse offices and much more. Let face it – your office is where you spent most of the day and as such it needs to be clean and tidy at all times. We can clean your offices on your request or we can provide scheduled cleaning service either on a regular or a casual basis to ensure that your second home is always looking and smelling awesome.

Carpet Cleaning

We provide residential and commercial carpet cleaning to a wide variety of clients throughout the UK. Cleaning your carpets is relatively inexpensive for a few rooms, and when there are several rooms with carpets, we quote accordingly. People enjoy their properties cleaned and representing a place that shows interest in hygiene, so having your carpets cleaned is the perfect way to get people’s attention and achieve an overall clean home or business.

Home Cleaning

You don’t always have the time to carry out a spring cleaning of your homes, your ovens, or microwaves. People lives are so hectic and busy, that sometimes the most essential things are set on the back burner so to speak. That’s no longer the case. We provide one-off or regular deep cleaning to include your microwaves. Whatever the cleaning job, we can accommodate your request.

Window Cleaning

A typical window cleaning service includes cleaning away any cobwebs around the windows and wiping clean the glass so that when completed, the windows are streak-free and crystal clear. Savida does a bit more. We do the frames, ledges, and window vents to sustain the life of your glass and windows. From commercial glass cleaning to residential window cleaning, we are one of the best. Why not see how our services match up – get in touch to send us your job or contact us for one-off or regular cleaning services

Special Cleaning Services

We provide emergency, end of tenancy, window, forensic, deep carpet, tank, commercial, drain, balcony, sofa and furnisher, wood flooring and janitorial cleaning, consumable supplies and services. Typically, our company is well placed to take on any form of cleaning services; so, whatever the reason, contact us to see how we can accommodate your request or send us your job and budget and a member of our team will be in touch the same day with a solution.

Cleaning Services

Ensuring that your home or business is clean and tidy is often the last thing you feel like doing after a busy day or when you have a business to run. Why not leave it to the professionals?
Savida is a highly qualified & independent specialist professional cleaning company based in London; dedicated to providing exceptional residential and commercial cleaning services; customer-friendly, honest, hardworking and reliable. Our services are what you can rely on day after day and week after week.
A proper cleaning service shouldn’t break the bank; hence, our systems offer you the opportunity to describe what you need doing, set your own budget, and send us your job.

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High quality & independent specialist professional cleaning company based in Perth dedicated to provide exceptional residential and commercial
cleaning while delivering friendly and qualified service to every customer!

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