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Deal of the Month

Deal of the Month
Deal of the Month 1

This is a Massive Price Reduction for all residential home owners and tenants. Why not benefit from our wide range of subscription maintenance services. This is a service like no other. It saves you money, time and keeps things simple; no hassle, no paper works and no extra cost.

Deal of the Month 2

This month sale for landlords is for a limited only. This deal will make you as a landlord very happy; but will make your tenants even happier. We can save you hundreds on your maintenance and increase the value of your property in 3 minutes.

Deal of the Month 3

Here is a great offer for small enterprises such as schools, nurseries, doctor surgeries and small businesses. We want you to rest – assured that our company will save you money, and add a five thousand pound initiative to the improvement of your properties* (T&C applies).

Deal of the Month 4

This summer, are you looking to improve on your home space? Planning to carryout an extension or a loft conversion? Why not send us your job and we will show you that can match or beat any written quote you have been given.  

Deal of the Month 5

Planning a bathroom or kitchen instalment, or maybe you want to get rid of the old look and get something new, sleek and innovative? This month we are offering bathroom and kitchen design, installation and renovation all in one bundle at discounted rates.

Deal of the Month 6

When do you ever have the time to carry out a deep cleaning of your homes or businesses? Are you tired of paying the middle man to fine you a reputable cleaner?  Well this month our deep cleaning services are on offer for homes and business, which will unquestionably save you money.

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